Blumhouse invites My Bloody Valentine to make a return

Picture: Primordial

There have been a number of dormant horror franchises that have been revived in recent years. ExtraterrestrialHalloween, Foreigners, And so on. (Sorry, Jason.) Several of these come courtesy of Blumhouse, and he’s now working to resurrect another old film: My dear love.

By Bloody disgusting, the horror studio is in the early stages of developing a new film. For the moment, it is only little information about the film: it is not clear if it will be another remake or a sequel inherited from one or other of the previous versions. It’s also unclear who is behind this, or if original director George Mihalka will be involved in any way.

The original My dear love released in 1981, and focuses on a group of young adults whose Valentine’s Day takes a dark turn when a killer in mining gear begins eliminating them. It received a mixed reception at first, but in the decades since, it has found a cult following and grossed $5.7 million worldwide. Lionsgate took do it again in 2009, which was notably the first R-rated film to benefit from the 3D treatment. As with the remake as a whole, the 3D technology was not very well received by critics, although it ended up grossing $100.7 million.

ValentineIt is The remake ended with a sequel that co-writer Todd Farmer and director Patrick Lussier intended to make. According to Farmer in 2020, the potential follow-up would have been a more psychological film and would have seen some of the survivors from the remake return. But after the film’s lukewarm reception, Lionsgate said “no thanks,” and no studio has touched the pseudo-franchise since. Fans gave the original film a sequel of its own last year with the Valentine’s Day Bluffs the cinema takes place 40 years later and focuses on a new killer taking on the role of a miner.

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