Biden’s debate performance was so bad it could land Trump in trouble

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The New York Times dropped a nuclear bomb from space on the presidential campaign of presumptive Democratic nominee and sitting president Joe Biden on Friday night when his editorial board shockingly asked him to leave the race.

This is a desperate and almost unprecedented move. After all, the Times is not only the newspaper of record, but a veritable mouthpiece for everything that happens on the left, and it says Biden should not be president again.

Republicans can be excused for a moment of schadenfreude about this, to be sure, but as a wise person once said, be careful what you wish for, because the Gray Lady may be right. In fact, it may be the only thing that can sink Donald Trump.


As the radioactive dust settles from Biden’s performance in this debate, arguably the worst in the history of the English language, Trump has never seemed more inevitable. The televisual diptych between his confidence and Biden’s confusion is set in stone.

Although a good or bad performance in a debate can make or break any campaign, this year’s debates could be President Biden’s last chance to salvage his re-election chances. (Left: Photographer: Victor J. Blue/Bloomberg via Getty Images, Right: (Photo by Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images))

The polls also look pretty good for Donald.

This is why the Times decided to launch this unprecedented pass, despite objections posted on social networks by Democratic heavyweights Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, to try to dislodge President Biden from his ticket.

And there is reason to believe that such a plan could well work.

Of course, Democrats don’t have a wide field of major candidates to choose from. In fact, in all likelihood, if Biden exits the stage right, the party of Jefferson and Jackson will likely be stuck with Vice President Kamala Harris. But even that could be an improvement.


While it’s true that polls show the vice president as one of the few people less popular than Biden, or cholera for that matter, she’s not falling apart physically or mentally, and the historic nature of a Harris candidacy could spice things up a bit.

There are undoubtedly millions of Democrats who would love nothing more than to rally around the flag of a woman of color fighting against what they see as the racist evil of Donald Trump.

Vice President Kamala Harris’ unpopularity could be the biggest obstacle to replacing Biden, says David Marcus. (Brandon Bell/Getty Images)

And honestly, at this point, almost anyone would be more excited about left-leaning voters than seeing Biden’s abilities and chances of winning a second term spiral due to old age and poor performance.


But there are other options. A Gavin Newsom or Gretchen Whitmer would look like fresh, young fighters against a Donald Trump who is almost as old as Biden, and even a dusted-off Andrew Cuomo could be forgiven for his COVID-related sins if he had a chance to thwart Trump.

So yes, the Times editorial team is right. Replacing Biden is probably Democrats’ best chance of retaining the White House, but there is a slight problem.

Since defeating Hillary Clinton in 2008, the Democrats have been the party of Barack Obama, whose third term Biden is currently in, and any replacement will have to continue on this path.

So yes, the Times editorial board is right. Replacing Biden is probably the best chance Democrats have to keep the White House, but there is a slight problem.

That may be what Kamala Harris is willing to do, but the Newsoms, Whitmers, and Cuomos of this world have their own ideas, their own advisors and policy experts. In short, if one of them wins, Obama may well be forced to step aside.

That won’t happen, at least not this time. Angry Obama supporters who watched Trump take over the White House eight years ago in the famous photo won’t let go of their grip on power.

So even if the Times is correct in its assessment that the best chance of preventing Trump’s return to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is to get new blood on the ticket, don’t hold your breath.

And that’s good news for Donald Trump and the GOP, right now Biden is quite possibly the weakest presidential candidate in 40 years and unlike Jimmy Carter, he’s also a ticking time bomb of decrepitude.


Does anyone really, honestly believe that Grandpa Joe can go another 19 weeks without another “I fell down and I can’t get up” moment, or two, or ten?

Democrats now face two divergent paths, but even as the New York Times, which may once have had the power to make such a ticket change, points out the path not taken, the path charted by Joe Biden still seems the more likely path.

The Democrats didn’t hold a primary, they didn’t hesitate. They wanted a Biden versus Trump vote, and now they’re getting it, and they’re getting it, hard.