Best Google Pixel 7a screen protectors: Protect your phone from scratches

Best Google Pixel 7a screen protectors: Protect your phone from scratches

A screen protector is essential for any new phone.

There may be people who don’t stick a screen protector on their smartphone the moment they open it, but they probably have cracked screens right now – a protector is a staple in our books.

The Pixel 7a is Google’s latest impressive mid-range option running native Android, and it continues the ‘a’ series trend of delivering extremely compelling value in a competitive market. If you’ve ordered one or are thinking about it (and already sorted out your Pixel 7a case), we’ve rounded up the best screen protector options here.


  • Spigen Pixel 7a Screen Protector


    Spigen Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Pixel 7a

    Choice of personnel

    High quality

    Spigen’s excellent screen protector comes with an excellent fit to help with alignment, and it also has a seriously impressive degree of thickness for scratch protection.

  • Mr Shield Pixel 7a Screen Protector

    Mr. Shield

    Mr.Shield Tempered Glass for Pixel 7a

    Best value

    Set of three

    This is a great value option for a Pixel 7a screen protector, with three in one, all tempered glass and therefore nice and shiny. Its incredibly low price is hard to resist, but it will also easily protect against scratches.

  • Supershieldz Pixel 7a Screen Protector


    Supershieldz Screen Protector for Pixel 7a

    Good quality

    Another great option is offered by Supershieldz, with a two-pack that has slightly harder glass for the same price – so your choice is between an extra spare and a very slight quality bump.

  • Mr Shield Matte Screen Protector for Pixel 7a

    Mr. Shield

    Mr.Shield Screen Protector for Pixel 7a

    Matte finish

    If you prefer to have a matte finish on your screen, this is for you – Mr. Shield also makes a version of their protectors with this treatment. This helps tremendously with reducing glare if you’re using the Pixel 7a outdoors.

  • Caseology Matte Screen Protector for Pixel 7a


    Caseology Snap Fit Tempered Glass for Pixel 7a

    premium choice

    Easy alignment

    If you’re worried about lining up your protector, Caseology’s two-pack comes with a handy frame that makes this task easier, and its glass is very high quality.

  • Orzero Pixel 7a Screen Protector


    Orzero Screen Protector for Pixel 7a


    This three-pack of glass protectors is extremely affordable, which means it’s a little more likely to break – but with two spares, that shouldn’t be a problem.

  • Ringke Pixel 7a Screen Protector


    Ringke Dual Easy Film for Pixel 7a

    alternative movie

    Glass isn’t the only option for screen protectors – a flexible film like this set from Ringke can also do a great job and has a different feel under your fingers. It also has a smart application system that minimizes dust.

  • Case Mate Pixel 7a Screen Protector


    Case-Mate FlexiShield for Pixel 7a


    Another flexible film option that’s really clear and easy to apply, although this one is a bit more expensive than the Ringke option – so it’s a bit more premium.

How We Rated the Best Google Pixel 7a Screen Protectors

Screen protectors are fickle things – you don’t need them on your phone until you do them a lot, whether it’s a drop or a scratch. We’ve tested countless of them over the years, checking their durability, but also judging them against their cost in a market full of cheap options.

In the case of the Pixel 7a, Caseology currently leads the pack thanks to its alignment framework and solid quality control, but if you want cheaper alternatives, Mr. Shield can supply them in glossy and matte finishes according to your taste.


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