Backlash against Roger Waters for anti-Semitism continues, including calls for lawsuits among Jewish groups

Backlash against Roger Waters for anti-Semitism continues, including calls for lawsuits among Jewish groups

The backlash against Roger Waters, the co-founder of rock band Pink Floyd, continued after images of the singer wearing an SS uniform and displaying anti-Semitic imagery at one of his last concerts went viral.

During a performance in Berlin earlier this month, Water took the stage wearing the uniform with a red armband and a fake rifle. As he performed, a large inflatable pig floated above the audience, displaying Third Reich-style banners with crossed hammers instead of swastikas.

The concert also featured the names of victims believed to have been killed by state actors, including George Floyd and anti-Nazi activist Sophie Scholl. The display of names drew particular ire from Jewish organizations as well as Israel itself for listing Holocaust victim Anne Frank behind Palestinian-American journalist Shireen Abu Akleh.

Disregard for the waters has only grown over time and more organizations and individuals have weighed in on the images.

Pink Floyd co-founder Roger Waters sparked outrage by performing in an SS uniform at a concert in Berlin. (Getty Images)


Documentary maker and journalist Ian Halperin, director of the anti-Waters film “Wish You Weren’t Here,” called the performance the latest in a long line of “touring and profiting from misrepresentations” about the Jewish people.

“For some reason he gets a free pass with the Jews, but if Roger Waters wore a white cape and called for the re-enslavement of African Americans, God forbid he would be closed after day one. He would never be allowed to tour again. And that sounds like what he’s doing to the Jews. He’s really belittling and creating hatred against the Jews of the State of Israel and the Jewish people. And as a son of ‘a Holocaust survivor, I’m very offended by that,'” Halperin told Fox News Digital.

“What Roger Waters is doing is basically trying to divide everybody against the Jews,” he added.

Halperin also noted that he and former Pink Floyd saxophonist Scott Page were keynote speakers at the TMRW tech conference in Europe. After the encounter, Halperin said Page called his anti-Waters film “perfect”, referring to Waters as the “dictator” of the group.

Ian Halperin speaks

Documentary maker and journalist Ian Halperin has denounced the anti-Semitic behavior of former Pink Floyd singer Roger Waters. (Ian Halperin)

The comment followed another former band member, David Gilmour, similarly condemning Waters for his controversial views.

“Unfortunately @rogerwaters you are antisemitic to the core. Also a Putin apologist and liar, thief, hypocrite, tax evader, lip-syncing, misogynist, envy patient, megalomaniac. Enough nonsense,” Gilmour’s wife said. Polly Samson tweeted.

“Every word is demonstrably true,” Gilmour replied.


After the footage went viral, the Simon Wiesenthal Center (SWC) weighed in with an official statement calling again for Waters to be prosecuted for misrepresenting the Holocaust.

“Shame on the authorities in Frankfurt and the Mercedes Benz Arena in Berlin for providing the anti-Semite Roger Waters with this venue for his concert,” said Rabbi Abraham Cooper of the SWC. “To hell with the worries of the Jewish community. So will Germany sue Waters for Holocaust distortion or will promoters rush to save the anti-Semite for more sinister 3D anti-Israel hate parties disguised as concerts?

In an earlier statement provided to Fox News Digital, Gilad Erdan, Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations, also blasted the performance.

“Only a true anti-Semite, such as Roger Waters, dares to desecrate the memory of the Holocaust in Berlin. Waters should never be allowed to vomit his anti-Semitism. comments and actions should be banished to the dark side of the moon and never resurface,” Erdan said.

March of the living

Jewish organizations have accused Waters of misrepresenting the Holocaust through his images. (AP Photo/Michal Dyjuk)


In response to Waters’ performance, Halperin informed Fox News Digital that he would lower the price of his film for exposing the singer’s history of anti-Semitism. Using the password “PinkFloyd”, users can access “Wish You Weren’t Here” with an 85% discount on Vimeo. The film is also available on Amazon.


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