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Digital world CEO quits as Trump’s legal troubles mount

Acquisition of the digital world (DWAC), a blank check company about to merge with former President Donald Trump’s media company, announced early Wednesday that it had fired its chief executive, Patrick Orlando. The move comes as Trump’s legal challenges approach a critical moment. DWAC stock fell. X “Due to the unprecedented headwinds the company is…

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The Things That Made Sneaker Culture Cool Are Dying

400 Foot Locker stores will closePhoto: Ted Shaffrey (PA) Shoes are a necessity. Sneaker culture is a way of life. But, we’re in a moment that makes buying shoes really inconvenient. A few weeks after the iconic East Bay – a catalog that sold sneakers and sports equipment before going online – closed, Foot Locker…

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Fed hikes interest rate 0.25 point to curb inflation

WASHINGTON—The Federal Reserve raised its key short-term interest rate by a quarter percentage point Wednesday, pushing ahead with its aggressive campaign to tame inflation despite financial turmoil following Silicon Valley Bank’s collapse. Fed officials forecast another quarter point in rate increases this year to a peak range of 5% to 5.25%, in line with its…

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Fed hikes key rate, signals another to come

The Federal Reserve raised its key rate by a quarter point, continuing its fight against inflation as the banking panic subsides. But new Fed forecasts indicate there is just one more rate hike as lingering concerns over the health of banks complicate policymakers’ plan to keep interest rates higher for longer . The S&P 500…

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