Animated Short Mr. Pete & the Iron Horse: Train From Hell

Animated Short Mr. Pete & the Iron Horse: Train From Hell

It’s a simple story: a humble underling does more and more to please his demanding boss, until everyone and everything cracked under the pressure. But animated short film Mr. Pete and the Iron Horse elevates its story with near-perfect execution, combining dynamic, kinetic artwork with a tone that flips between joy and terror.

Here is the description of the plot, followed by the short, which we discovered thanks to Vimeo Staff Picks: “The diligent soldier Mr. Pete does everything to meet the high standards of his baroness. To satisfy his insatiable thirst for speed, he shovels madly during the journey of his new iron horse. (As you can see in this thumbnail, Mr. Pete had enough a successful period tearing up film festivals around the world so far.)

Swiss filmmaker Kilian Vilim is credited with the “idea and director” for this short film created by YK Animation Studio; we’re intrigued to see what else they have, uh, coming to the track next.

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