A fast and furious final trilogy? Vin Diesel sure thinks so.

A fast and furious final trilogy?  Vin Diesel sure thinks so.

Will be x fast strain to fit in another movie?
Picture: Universal

x fastwhich hits theaters next week, has been planned for a long time The beginning of the end. Even his teaser poster says “The end of the road begins”, which doesn’t make much sense…bUtah then again, THE Fast and Furious mostly movies. x fast had to be the intro to a 11th and last movielikely released in 2025, but the movie star isn’t so sure.

“Before making this film, the studio asked if it could be a two-part film,” Vin Diesel said. fandango at the red carpet premiere of x fast in Rome. “And after the studio saw that first part, they said ‘Could you do x fast the finale a trilogy?’ Star Michelle Rodriguez then added, “That’s three acts in any story” before the reporter demanded confirmation of the bombshell and the cast fled. Literally. Here is the clip.

io9 immediately contacted Universal for comment or clarification and we got yet to be heard at press time. It’s worth noting though that Diesel has been known to talk out of turn and, well, since he’s 55 and the 11th movie hasn’t even started filming yet, we don’t know if another one is in the cards. . Especially since x fast was deliberately planned as half a story. Unless the first film was designed from the start as the first act of a three-part story, it would be quite difficult to rework it to add an entirely different act.

Which is why, until we hear otherwise from the studio footing the bill, we’re skeptical. But hi! Diesel may be right and x fast is followed not only by Quick Ybut Quick Z tAnd.

x fast opens in theaters May 19th, we’ll have plenty more next week, including an interview with the director of x fast And Fast part 11, Louis Leterrier.

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