2013 short from the director of Evil Dead Rise: Eerie Ghost Train

2013 short from the director of Evil Dead Rise: Eerie Ghost Train

If you just found out writer-director Lee Cronin thanks to Evil Dead Rise-Who start streaming this weekand is still playing in theaters; you should take a look at his previous feature film, The hole in the ground, but also this short film he made about ten years ago. Who’s in the mood for a spectacularly spooky abandoned carnival?

Brought to our attention by Short of the weekwho notes that there are more Cronin shorts posted on the filmmaker’s Vimeo page, Ghost Train follows a pair of estranged brothers who visit the old fairground where their friend disappeared 30 years ago – an even that has haunted them both ever since. secrets unfold in this bizarre tale, which screened at over 50 film festivals (awarding visual effects, cinematography, acting, “best picture”, etc.) when it was first released. In just 15 minutes, it hints at Cronin’s future success directing nightmares on the big screen and also showcases his talent for directing young actors.

Thanks to the video’s privacy settings, you’ll need to click here to watch it on Cronin’s page. It’s worth it!

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