11 games like Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

11 games like Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Drawing: sony

When Jedi: Fallen Order came out, the reductive (but not entirely inaccurate) description I saw most often was “Unexplored meets dark souls.” In Survivor, Nathan Drake’s DNA remains as apparent as ever throughout Cal’s perilous, cinematic climb, punctuated on rare occasions by holds that give way as he clings on. (He’s not as unlucky as Drake in that regard.) But the other thing Naughty Dog’s series did, arguably best of all in its second entry, was bring pacing and development from the character of third-person adventure games to stunning new heights. As Eat: Survivor, among thieves is packed with incredible set pieces and with its own engaging found family story, so if you want a more exceptional cinematic adventure and don’t mind trading galaxy hopping for jet-setting worldwide, you should definitely give Nathan Drake’s second outing a look.—Carolyn Petit


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